Florence Beaumont

Florence Margaret Beaumont was born 17th of June, 1876, in Stanley, Wakefield. From a young age, she set her sights on securing all women the right to vote. Despite not actively seeking power for herself, her unwavering will and unshakable morality propelled her to prominence, and she founded and helped run several women’s rights and suffrage organisations. Florence was among those chosen to represent the women’s voice at the League of Nations in 1928. Florence died unexpectedly a year later, cutting short her remarkable life but not her legacy, which lives on today in every woman when they exercise their political power.

Florence Beaumont is Blue Plaque Number 2 in our quest for #BluePlaqueParity.

We unveiled Florence’s blue plaque for International Women’s Day 2019 as part of the theatre production ‘Difficult Women?’ at The Mechanics’ Theatre.

In October 2019, we unveiled a second plaque to Florence at the Registry of Deeds Building named after Florence.

Florence Beaumont Broadsheets

Find out all about Florence Beaumont and her work as a suffragist with our broadsheets below. Just click on broadsheet page you wish to read and then double click to zoom in and read at your leisure. Please contact us if you require the text in a different format.

Artist Response: Watercolour Portraits

Below, DTC’s Shannon S. Wishon responds creatively to Florence Beaumont’s life and work with a beautiful watercolour portrait.

Press & Media Coverage of Our Florence Beaumont Work

Florence Beaumont Blue Plaque Unveiling

Florence Beaumont’s blue plaque was unveiled following the play “Difficult Women” for International Women’s Day 2019. Below you can see then MP for Wakefield Mary Creagh addressing the packed audience at The Mechanics’ Theatre.

Florence and our women also featured substantially in a commemorative edition of the Wakefield Express to honour International Women’s Day 2019. 

We unveiled a second blue plaque to Florence in October of 2019 which is in place at the former Registry of Deeds building, now home to students from Wakefield College.

Below is Project Leader Sarah Cobham with the blue plaque:

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