Our Women

The Forgotten Women of Wakefield project is working to uncover the lives of women from many different backgrounds. To start with, we decided to look at notable names from our past who could provide ways in for our researchers. Here are just a few of our “core” women from whom we are building a better insight into the lives of past women from Wakefield. 

Click on the names of our brilliant women to learn more about them!

Florence Beaumont


Louisa Fennell


  Ann Hurst


Mary Frances Heaton



Lady Catherine Milnes Gaskell



Margaret and Ellen Gissing


Edith  Grace Mackie


Gertrude McCroben


  Phyllis Lett


Clara Clarkson


Dame Elsie Marjorie Williamson


 Edna Coates


Eva Lett

The Staynes Sisters


Elizabeth Dawson and Sarah Parker Remond

Sarah Parker Remond and Elisabeth Dawson Blue Plaque


Ann Clarkson

A Circular Blue Plaque to Ann Clarkson, Wakefield Animal Rights Supporter

Other Women we Have Recognised

The above women fall directly under the Forgotten Women of Wakefield project, but we have also helped to have recognised a number of other women from our region.

At the beginning of our project we were thrilled to blue plaque Alice Bacon, the first female MP from the Wakefield/Leeds area.

Our researchers have also tirelessly reconstructed the great mystery surrounding another famous woman from our region, Pontefract’s Elizabeth Moxon whose cookery book is a foundation for modern cookery writing.

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