Our Researchers

The Forgotten Women of Wakefield Project’s vision comprises two major goals. One is achieving Blue Plaque Parity for women in our city by honouring the overlooked stories of women who should never have been forgotten in the first place.

The second, and just as critical, is using this goal as a driver to uncover and empower women in our city to use their creative and academic skills.

As such, the Forgotten Women of Wakefield project is proud to honour its volunteer research team without whom this project would not be possible. Our research volunteers have worked tirelessly to piece together the histories of our women that otherwise may have slowly disappeared. It is not too much to say that our research team have provided the city of Wakefield with an incredible service, and they have done so because of their love for research.

Our researchers include:

  • Helga Fox – Lead researcher on Florence Beaumont and supplementary researcher on our other women
  • Hannah Casey – Lead researcher on The Lett Sisters and wider family
  • Lorraine Simpson – Lead researcher on the Gissing Sisters
  • Nicky Harley – Researcher and editorial writer
  • Alexandra Vaughn — Support researcher and editorial writer
  • Halima Mayat – Support researcher on the Letts and enthusiastic creative volunteer for the project.

This list is growing all the time, so check back often to find out more about our incredible research team.

Interested in joining the research team? Email hello@dreamtimecreative.org and let us know!

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