The Louisa Fennell Walking Trail

The Forgotten Women of Wakefield project is the creative mission of Dream Time Creative.

The project seeks to empower the community — and in particular the women’s voice — through the concrete goal of achieving Blue Plaque Parity for Wakefield’s historical women.

With Louisa’s Trail we honour Louisa’s life and legacy in the city she captured so beautifully in watercolour.

The trail will take you to view some of the most important buildings and interesting buildings in Wakefield’s past, and help you to understand what Louisa might have seen when she was painting her wonderful watercolours.

Pay as you feel Guided Tours Coming SOON.

Here is the link to the virtual presentation of the physical trail!


Louisa’s Life

Like many of our first group of women, Louisa undoubtedly had a privileged upbringing. She was also fortunate to have a father and mother who valued her as a person and not just as a commodity to maintain their standing in Society. Indeed, Louisa appears to have enjoyed a close relationship with her father. She later excelled under the tutelage of some of the most respected art teachers in the area.

However, Louisa’s life was not without its difficulties. Chief among them was that, even though she was a respected watercolourist, she was still not allowed to mix in elite art circles because she was a woman. For more historical information based on research by Helga Fox, Nicky Harley and our wider research team, take a look at our broadsheets below.

We have also created an audio drama pinpointing a few key moments in Louisa’s life. This drama uses researchers to imagine some of the important relationships in Louisa’s life.
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