Elizabeth Dawson and Sarah Parker Remond

In the 19th century, Wakefield was among several cities in the UK where anti-slavery movements gained significant ground.

Wakefield is notable for incredible abolitionist campaigners like Elizabeth Dawson and Ann Clarkson. Wakefield also saw visits from luminaries of the abolitionist cause such as Frederick Douglass and Sarah Parker Remond who used their lived experience and personal stories to rally against the enslavement of Black and indigenous peoples.

Elizabeth Dawson and Sarah Parker Remond are Numbers 17 and 18 in our quest for #BluePlaqueParity.

Sarah Parker Remond and Elisabeth Dawson Blue Plaque

Elizabeth Dawson Broadsheets

Creative Response:

The Abolitionists Films

As part of our Abolitionists strand we have pinpointed a handful of landmark women who have been airbrushed from much of our history but who were pivotal to abolitionism advocacy in Wakefield.

Below,  see our film featuring Elizabeth Dawson:

We will release the third chapter featuring American speaker Sarah Parker Remond on International Women’s Day 2022. Ahead of that, you can see an interview between writer Emma Wise and actor Jemma Thompson who plays Sarah Parker Remond. Jemma reflects on the role, and her personal connections to the anti-slavery movement and the horrors of enslavement:

Blue Plaque Unveiling

We unveiled Elizabeth Dawson and Sarah Parker Remond’s blue plaque at a ceremony at Unity Hall as the culmination of our Heritage Action Zone weekend in September, 2021

Project leader Sarah Cobham stands by a newly unveiled blue plaque to Elizabeth Dawson and Sarah Parker Remond.


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