Wakefield Herstory is a vital and fascinating part of our DNA and, with the success of Sarah Cobham’s partnership with SPARK we are now able to offer bespoke creative cultural experiences in schools that bring to life Forgotten Women. 

If you are interested in booking Sarah for a day, or series of days in your school please do get in touch at

And to see the project work Sarah did with SPARK so you can get an idea of what’s on offer, please click here: SPARK Culture on Your Doorstep 2023 The Forgotten Women of Wakefield – Spark Wakefield

Here are some wonderful pictures of Sarah’s work with Mackie Hill Primary School:

Which of the Forgotten Women would you like to experience in your school?

Sarah specialises in all of our Forgotten women. 

Here she is at a recent visit to Walton Primary Academy bringing Florence Beaumont, Wakefield’s most famous Suffragist Daughter to life:  

And if you are interested in going OUT of school for a truly immersive experience, then her Louisa Fennell day is a must:

To learn how Sarah can help your classes connect with the history of Wakefield’s Herstory, please just drop us an email at today. 

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