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Missed our Petticoat Patrimony workshops during WordFest? Never fear, we have another series of workshops throughout the summer:

Looking into Letters Workshop

The historical letters of Eliza, Ann & Helen Edmonstone gives an insight into the three key women in Charles Waterton’s life. Join us for this Workshop to explore these letters through reading and discussion, revealing how different they were, and why that might be.

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Edmonstone Sisters Cameo Making Workshop

The Edmonstone sisters Helen & Eliza were early eco warriors working with Waterton to help create a fine nature reserve. Join us for this Forgotten Women of Wakefield Workshop to design your own ‘Botanical’ cameos and learn about the Edmonstone women who were born in Demerara and lived in two very different environments before they came to settle at Walton Hall.
The cameo’s picture will be inspired by the natural surroundings of Walton Manor.

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Edmonstone’s Sisters Crest Workshop
Who are the Edmonstone Sisters, and how did they contribute to the running of the Waterton Estate? Join this Forgotten Women of Wakefield Workshop to learn about their lives and the types of women they were. You will firstly design and then print, using natural materials, the humble potato, an image which captures the essence of the Edmonstone Sisters.

Petticoat Patrimony is a project funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, to research, explore and tell hidden stories hitherto the victims of historical patrimony. The lives of three black women, Ann, Charles Waterton’s wife, and Eliza and Helen Edmonstone, his sisters-in-law have never been told.

Today, Dream Time Creative has received a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant of £10,000 for an exciting heritage project ‘Petticoat Patrimony’ in Wakefield. Made possible by money raised by National Lottery players, the project focuses on the significant contributions the Edmonstone women, descendants from the royal line of the Arawak Indians on Demerara, made to the Waterton Estate and explores their legacy as black women, surrogate mothers and custodians of the land.

Supported through The National Lottery Heritage Fund, the project will redress assumptions around gender, colour and the patrimony historically associated with Charles Waterton and enable research sessions to take place with emerging volunteers to learn new skills and techniques to create factual documents on which to base a creative interpretation of what the sisters’ lives were like. A series of creative workshops will be offered to explore emerging themes and, working with the black women’s community, a series of short films will be created to give voice to the Edmonstone women.

Dream Time Creative is the powerhouse behind The Forgotten Women of Wakefield project which seeks to work with women within the community to tell the stories of how women from our past have influenced the social, political, economic, cultural, environmental, and creative landscape in order to honour them as part of our #blueplaqueparity campaign. Working with women interested in gaining new research skills, black writers, black directors and black actors alongside black female academics, Wakefield Library and a variety of historical research centres, the entire community will gain a deeper insight into this previously under-researched and underrepresented part of our history.

Commenting on the award, Sarah Leah Cobham, project spokesperson said: ‘We are delighted to have received this support thanks to the National Lottery Players and feel grateful that this funding will enable three significant women of colour from our past to finally have their stories told.’

Notes to Editors

Dream Time Creative is a social enterprise company that works with both public and private funding. Our philosophy is to empower through creativity.

We are the powerhouse behind the campaign for #blueplaque parity with our Forgotten Women of Wakefield Project and provide opportunities for women to be SEEN for their achievements thus normalising their creative contributions to our community. 

About The National Lottery Heritage Fund

Using money raised by the National Lottery, we Inspire, lead and resource the UK’s heritage to create positive and lasting change for people and communities, now and in the future.

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Further Information

For further information, images and interviews please contact Sarah Cobham at Dream Time Creative 07733180416 

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