Alice Gostick

Henry Moore is an artist most people know about, or at least have heard of. Lesser known but still acknowledged in arts circles is his contemporary and school chum Albert Wainwright. But where was the woman who helped educate them and who, in no small way, made sure that Henry could carry on his art education? Her name was Alice Gostick, and she didn’t just educate, she started a movement of peasant pottery classes that spread to over 100 institutions across England. 

Empath Action CIC, a friend to Dream Time Creative and whose members were and are directly connected to DTC and the Forgotten Women of Wakefield, created a Wakefield Council Culture Grants project in 2023/2024 to honour Alice with a play, a zine, and a blue plaque.

Now, Alice takes her place in Castleford as another blue plaque to women in our District.

Says the project lead, Steven: “Empath Action CIC is thrilled to add Alice Gostick to the tally of women recognised by the Forgotten Women of Wakefield project and to help support the Project’s work as it demands blue plaque parity for women in our District.”

Alice Gostick’s Blue Plaque can be found in the reception area of Castleford Academy and was unveiled in situ at a private ceremony on April 25th by Headmaster Bush and the CEO of the Trust Mr Panayiotou.

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